‘Innovate for the future’ is one of our strategic priorities within our sustainability plan. The size and scale of the sustainability challenges we face require industry leaders to accelerate progress. We need to drive new opportunities for innovation, collaboration and partnership and inspire people to think differently – both inside and outside our company. 

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Our Innovation Strategy

We are focused on solutions that will take us beyond our four walls – to benefit us, broader industry and society as a whole, through:

  • Thought leadership: to explore and develop solutions to new issues and challenges.
  • Collaboration and engagement with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders: to drive innovation and unlock new ideas and opportunities.
  • Accelerating the pace of change: by developing and harnessing innovation and technology.
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Thought leadership

In 2013, we partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to explore how senior European business leaders view the sustainability commitments that businesses are making – and to understand what the key drivers and barriers to success have been.

Sustainability Insights – Learning from Business Leaders highlighted that many companies are moving forward with their sustainability activities despite the recent economic downturn, and that leadership from the top is absolutely critical to truly embed sustainability within organisations.

The research also found that technology is proving to be a powerful sustainability driver and that leading companies are turning to a broader form of collaboration – sometimes collaborating with competitors.

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We will only meet our sustainability commitments by working in partnership across our entire value chain. For example as part of our ‘recycle for the future’ program we have worked closely with the University of Exeter to understand consumer recycling behaviours at home, and have launched a recycling challenge in partnership with the open innovation platform

Supplier collaboration is also a key component to our sustainability strategy, whether in pursuit of low-carbon innovation within our manufacturing plants or in developing energy-efficient vendors and coolers.

We are working with many different NGOs and community organizations. Projects include our river replenishment work in Great Britain with WWF-UK and our active lifestyle partnerships with the Norwegian Red Cross, the Swedish Swimming Federation and Special Olympics.

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