The context

Packaging ensures the quality of our drinks and enables us to deliver them safely to our customers and consumers. It can be carbon intensive in its manufacture and too often ends up in landfill, despite the fact that nearly all our packaging materials can be recycled. We want to change this and ensure that the packaging that we put on the marketplace sets the standard for sustainability. We also want to make sure that we recycle more packaging than we use. With these clear goals, we have established Sustainable Packaging and Recycling as an area in which we want to lead our industry.

Our commitment: we will set the standard for sustainable packaging, achieve zero waste in our operations and recycle more packaging than we use

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Our strategy

Packaging: Our goal is to set the standard in low-carbon, sustainable packaging. Packaging accounts for nearly half of the carbon emissions in our value chain. To reduce this carbon footprint we must reassess our packaging from design to disposal and make better use of natural resources by using renewable and reusable materials and ensuring our own packaging is recyclable. 

Recycling: By 2020, we aim to recycle more packaging than we use. Our focus is on supporting the recycling of packaging when the consumer has finished with it. To do this we are encouraging consumers to recycle more often, supporting and championing improvements to national collection and sorting schemes and investing in recycling and reprocessing infrastructure.

Our targets

  • Lightweighting

    Reduce by 25% the amount of material we use across all packaging formats by 2020

  • Recycled Material

    Include recycled aluminium, steel and glass in respective packaging formats

  • PET Bottles

    Ensure that our PET bottles set the standard for sustainable packaging, using the optimal combination of recycled PET and PET from plant-based materials by 2020

  • Recylability

    Ensure 100% of our cans and bottles are fully recyclable by 2014

  • Manufacturing

    Send zero waste to landfill from our own manufacturing sites and reduce the amount of waste we generate by 2014

  • Packaging Recycling

    Recycle more packaging than we use, by championing improvements to collection schemes and investing in strategic recycling infrastructure projects by 2020

  • Inspiring Consumers

    Increase packaging recovery rates by using our brands to educate and inspire consumers to recycle more often


We will deliver our Sustainable Packaging and Recycling commitments by using less material, using sustainable materials, and re-using our materials.

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Through a process we call lightweighting, we’re constantly redesigning our packaging to reduce its weight without compromising its quality. This enables us to use less material while also cutting costs and reducing our carbon emissions. For example, we have reduced the weight of our 500ml PET bottles from 24.7g to 21.7g in Great Britain, France and Belgium and are lightweighting our can ends in the Netherlands. We are also developing ultra-light film and using Diamex technology to reduce weight in our labels.

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Consumer behavior and disposal

In partnership with our customers and other stakeholders, we're using our brand marketing to encourage recycling, especially in Great Britain and France, where less than 55 percent of PET bottles are recycled. 

We do this through initiatives such as programs with major customers, local partnerships, our recycle zone program, and our festivals and events campaigns.

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Collecting and sorting

To reduce the amount of packaging sent to landfill, we're investing and working with others to develop recovery infrastructure and boost recovery rates. In particular, we want to work with policymakers and regulators to improve household recycling programs and make them simple to understand and use. We remain committed to ensuring a higher recycling target for the industry and to playing our part in achieving it.

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