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Tuesday 25 November, 2014

CCE’s ‘Supplier of the Year’ award – CSI’s Journey to the top

Close partnership with our suppliers is essential to achieving our significant sustainability goals, such as delivering carbon reduction and establishing a water sustainable operation. Every year, we recognise our most successful sustainability partnerships at the CCE ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards.

In 2013, Closure Systems International (CSI) – which manufactures superior plastic and aluminum bottle caps and closures –  won our award for ‘Best Supplier’ thanks to the lighter closures they developed for PET bottles.

Here we interview Klaus Pfeifer, Commercial and Supply Chain Director of the EMEA Region at CSI.

You’ve done a lot of work on sustainability with CCE. Is it an area that you’re committed to more generally as a business?

Klaus Pfeifer:  Absolutely. Each year we establish a number of specific sustainability goals and targets. Similar to your efforts at CCE, we use a multi-faceted approach to sustainability. Our areas of focus include material reduction, energy reduction, as well as healthy people and communities. Each category has separate ambitions for each geographic region we serve. I invite everyone to learn more about our plans by visiting our website:

Through lightweighting you have helped us to redesign our packaging - reducing its weight whilst maintaining its quality.  In 2013 this meant reducing the weight of our 500ml PET plastic bottles from 24.7g to 21.7g across all markets. How did this come about?

The reason that we first developed light-weighted closures was that they are more sustainable from both an environmental and economic standpoint. It is more beneficial for everyone concerned – bottlers, retailers, consumers, and suppliers – as well as the planet we all share.

Many people may be surprised to learn that CSI introduced the first light-weight and short-height closures for the beverage industry about 15 years ago; these were 26mm caps for the bottled water industry, which were far more environmentally friendly than the heavier caps previously used.

Light-weight caps and their matching bottle necks must be developed together. The engineering skill required to achieve a quality seal during a consistent high speed bottling operation requires a deep base of experience and the willingness to push beyond current processes.

Is it important to win the CCE ‘Supplier of the Year’ Award?

The award is a tremendous honour to be shared among all CSI Europe employees, as everyone contributed to the effort.  We’ve worked hard to provide CCE with a high level of service and to improve our sustainability credentials and we see this award as confirmation of our efforts.

In 2013 specifically, we improved our energy efficiency by lowering the energy consumption used in production operations, and converted some of our lines to accommodate CCE’s lightweight PET bottles. All effort provided by various teams within CSI Europe, in partnership with CCE, resulted in this coveted Supplier of the Year award.

What is next? Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Actually, we are very excited to announce the construction of a new CSI closure manufacturing plant in the UK! Enhancing proximity to customers is part our sustainability strategy and this project will reduce shipping mileage to CCE and other manufacturers, improve our carbon footprint and provide logistical benefits.

Most importantly, we are also continuing with our light-weighting success with several development and innovation teams already actively working to set the bar even higher.  As they say, stay tuned!



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Klaus Pfeifer

Commercial and Supply Chain Director CSI EMEA Region, Closures System International

Klaus Pfeifer became Commercial and Supply Chain Director for Closure Systems International’s Europe, Middle East & Africa division in April 2013. He brings to the business nearly 30 years’ of logistics, supply chain and commercial experience in the packaging industry.

After completing his educational and vocational training as a forwarding merchant, Mr. Pfeifer began his professional career at Tetra Pak Germany in 1981, responsible for international transportation management. He joined Alcoa Deutschland in Worms/Germany in December 1986. While there, he worked first as a Transportation Manager before he took up the position of Logistics Manager for Alcoa CSI Europe. In 2000, he joined Crown Cork & Seal in Germany to assume the role of Supply Chain Manager and was appointed as an authorized officer.

In May 2001, Mr. Pfeifer returned to CSI to assume the role of Supply Chain Manager.  He became a member of the CSI European Lead Team in 2008 and was appointed to his current position in 2013.  

Mr. Pfeifer holds a degree in Foreign Trade and a Supply Chain Manager Certification.

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