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Thursday 24 September, 2015

77% of our suppliers identify sustainable sourcing as the biggest sustainability challenge for business in the next 2 years

What are the main sustainability issues expected to impact businesses over the next two years? A survey of our suppliers revealed that sustainable sourcing (77%), community (54%) and resource scarcity (46%) are the three issues that come top of mind.

We discussed findings of this survey earlier today during our annual Supplier Sustainability Webinar, which gathered over 150 of our suppliers to discuss how to build a sustainable future together. The webinar also included best practice case studies from EDF and Brammer – the former on working with us to reduce energy consumption and the latter on engaging with CCE into its sustainability journey.

Interestingly, the findings are closely aligned with the commitments from our Sustainability Plan, which we updated in June this year to ensure that our targets remained challenging and in line with stakeholder expectations – including:

- Sustainable sourcing: Working with its suppliers to ensure that it sustainably sources 100% of its key agricultural ingredients by 2020;

- Community: Supporting the skills development and learning skills of 250,000 young people each year;

- Resource scarcity: Supporting the development of a circular economy, using recycled and renewable materials and recycling more packaging than it uses. 

“We can’t achieve great sustainability results by ourselves, so involving suppliers across our carbon value chain is critical. The results of our supplier survey are fully aligned with our sustainability journey. Sustainable agriculture, community and resource scarcity are top of our agenda and we will continue to address these issues together with climate change, wellbeing and water in the future”, said our Senior Vice President Supply Chain, Ron Lewis, during the webinar.

The Supplier Sustainability Webinar was also the opportunity to announce the winners of our 2015 Supplier Awards, which recognize performance on quality, service, value and corporate responsibility and sustainability.

The ‘Best Supplier’ award went to Suiker Unie, while Ecolab was recognized as ‘Most Improved Supplier’ and Brammer as ‘Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Supplier.’ Warm congratulations to the three of them from all of us at CCE!

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