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Tuesday 08 March, 2016

Joining the ‘Pledge for Parity’ by opening our doors to over 100 young women in celebration of International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day so we’re launching a new event series to welcome over 100 young women to our sites across Britain, France and Belgium, and help them develop a better understanding of the careers available in the manufacturing industry. This is part of our commitment to support the skills development and learning needs of 250,000 young people each year by 2020.

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater gender equality. This year’s theme is ‘Pledge for Parity’ and we’re determined to do our bit by helping young women feel empowered to consider the careers that have traditionally been dominated by men and ensuring they are viewed on an equal footing in the workplace.

This is particularly important in industries like manufacturing, with the gender gap within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers a particular concern. We know that one of the biggest issues for young people is that they don’t know enough about the jobs traditionally done by the opposite sex. For instance, in the UK, 76% of them say they would like to know more. Moreover, 66% of girls claim they would be tempted to train for a typically male-dominated job if they had more information about the type of work they could do[1].

At Coca-Cola Enterprises, we want to be part of the solution and we know that by opening the doors of our operations we can demystify manufacturing, encourage the uptake of STEM subjects at school and broaden the career aspirations of girls and boys alike. So we will be providing the girls, aged between 13 and 16, with the opportunity to hear firsthand from female employees across a range of different roles and job levels, from apprentices and graduates through to leaders working in IT, manufacturing, logistics procurement and engineering.

The events will be in a speed-networking format, with the first three taking place today – one in our headquarter office near London (Great Britain), one at our Coca-Cola Visitors Center in Antwerp (Belgium) and one at Infineo, our education centre in France, which educates young people about the circular economy. As part of the series, we will also be asking the female students to share a dream, ambition or career aspiration and helping them discuss and identify how they can make their dream or ambition a reality.

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