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Monday 17 February, 2014

New product FINLEY to hit shelves in France in April – the most ambitious launch since Coca-Cola Zero!

Last week, Coca-Cola Enterprises announced the launch of FINLEY in France – a brand new drink for adults, part of The Coca-Cola Company’s portfolio, which will be available in stores in April. The new fruit-based sparkling beverage marks the culmination of two years of research and testing and has been designed to perfectly satisfy the taste preferences of adults.

The delicious new range targets 25-49 year olds while, in France, studies show that the consumption of carbonated drinks actually declines with age. Only 10% of the beverages consumed by adults are carbonated soft drinks, well below warm beverages like coffee and tea. The current soft drinks offer is fairly limited for a population whose taste is changing and becoming more mature.

FINLEY looks set to change this, with the introduction of four mouth-watering flavours: Grapefruit & Blood Orange, Lemon & Elder Blossom, Orange & Cranberry, and Tonic. With fine bubbles and subtle flavours, it will offer an unusual sensorial experience that can be enjoyed at any moment of the day.

FINLEY is not solely based upon great taste: with fruit juice, natural aromas, natural sweeteners and no added preservatives, it is a low-calorie drink with just 20 calories per 100ml serving.

For Coca-Cola Enterprises, the launch of FINLEY is part of our diversification strategy which sets out to cover greater consumer needs as well as increasing our low-calorie beverage portfolio. We are organizing a large-scale launch plan for the new brand, our most ambitious since the launch of Coca- Cola Zero in 2007. It will involve sampling and advertising across supermarkets, convenience stores and online retailers.

Available in large (1.5 l) and small (50 cl) bottles and (25 cl) cans, FINLEY offers a wide selection of formats. At home, at work, when eating out or travelling, Finley is suited for every situation in the busy daily lives of adults!



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