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Tuesday 05 January, 2016

New shared waste water treatment plant project launches in the Netherlands

This autumn, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) helped launch the construction of a shared waste water treatment plant that will be operational this year, in Tilburg, Netherlands.

A multi-stakeholders collaboration

This project is supported by CCE and three other regional companies: FUJIFILM, IFF Nederland and Agristo, and will result in the first wide-scale shared waste water treatment facility across several companies in the Netherlands.  

For many years now, we have collaborated as much as possible with our neighbour companies near our factory in Dongen, especially on sustainability-related initiatives. The new waste water plant project is a direct result of this long time collaboration, supported by the Water Board, an association of regional water authorities, and Cofely, the company building the installation.  

The new plant will process about 10 million litres per day – more than 3,5 billion litres per year.

Low energy consumption 

Shared waste water treatment has many environmental benefits:

- The new plant will have low energy consumption, using the latest technologies in the field of water treatment;

- Once treated, the waste water will be discharged as clean water, enabling it to be reused by the four companies involved, or even by another sustainable deployment in the region;

- It will be possible to transform the sludge that is released during the treatment process into biogas;

- All four companies will benefits from increased efficiencies and lower costs for waste water treatment.  

We are looking forward to seeing the results by 2016 of this great collaboration!

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